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Jet Blue Terminal 6

Jet Blue Terminal 6

JFK Airport, Jamaica, NY
Total Demolition ($7.6M)
Project Completed March 2012
This project consisted of the total demolition of Terminal 6 at JFK Airport, as well as, the coordination of all required Asbestos Abatement. In addition, our work on this project included the management of several mechanical trades, along with active communication with the Port Authority and Airport Security. Our means and methods at this site included the use of a 600 Ton Crane for the surgical removal of several pieces of steel adjacent to an active elevator shaft, plus the installation of bracing and shoring at several areas. All work was conducted without incident or interruption to the airport and in strict compliance to all Port Authority guidelines.
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LJC Dismantling Corp. has specialized in providing our clients with the highest quality demolition and dismantling services since 1999. We are a locally-based union contractor and focus our attention on demolition within the five boroughs of New York. Founded by Michael Ragno and Ben Versaci, LJC Dismantling Corp. has tackled projects both large and small in our continuing contribution to changing the ever-evolving New York skyline.
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Over the years, we have made a conscious effort to pay particular attention to those projects which require special care. LJC has successfully completed a large array of both private and public works; no project is considered out of our comfort zone. Many of our projects have required our organization to perform in highly sensitive, secure, and occupied areas.
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