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Management Team

Our principals have worked within the demolition industry for over 27 years.

Benedict Versaci began his demolition career in 1986 where he served as the Director of Field Operations for one of the largest demolition contractors in NYC. Mr. Versaci's dedication to safe and efficient demolition practices helped fuel his desire to improve all facets of how work is performed in this industry and has led to him cultivating a formidable working relationship with the NYC Department of Buildings for the past 25 years. He is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University and possesses a complete and thorough understanding of all aspects of the construction and demolition trades, helping to make him one of the most qualified individuals currently working within the five Boroughs of New York.

Michael Ragno entered the demolition industry in 1988 working as a Labor Foreman and Supervisor on several high rise demolition projects where he supervised between 50 and 60 employees on a daily basis, dismantling some of the largest buildings within NYC. Mr. Ragno transitioned into a Project Manager capacity, as well as, working as an estimator throughout the next ten years and his attention to detail allowed him to work on numerous high-profile demolition projects requiring him to coordinate and become the liaison between the demolition crews, the general construction trades, and the abatement contractors required on these sites. He is a graduate of Hofstra University and has been involved in some of the largest projects that the City of New York has seen over the past 25 years.

In 1999, Ben and Mike established LJC Dismantling Corp., becoming one of the most qualified and capable demolition contractors within New York. Their combined expertise within this industry has allowed them to contribute to the ever-changing Manhattan skyline since the company's inception, and LJC's client list includes Turner, Skanska USA, Sciame, Hunter Roberts, Tishman, Gilbane and countless other major construction managers operating throughout the world. The projects that LJC has tackled over the past 14 years have included the demolition of Yankee Stadium, the demolition for the new tower addition to the Hearst Building, cleanup efforts at Ground Zero, the revitalization of Governor's Island, as well as, the emergency removal of the Coney Island Astro Tower.

In addition to our principals, our office and support staff have an intricate understanding of all aspects of the demolition industry.

Bret McCabe started working within the demolition field in 1998 and has served as Project Manager, Estimator, and Supervisor on several projects throughout the past 15 years. In his most recent capacity serving as the Vice President of Operations, Mr. McCabe oversees all facets of contract execution, coordination of work crews, and our safety program. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of South Florida and his J.D. from Villanova University School of Law.

Tim Cassese serves as our General Field Superintendent and has worked within the demolition business for the past 25 years. He has supervised crews on some of the largest projects that this city has witnessed during that time period and his resume includes demolition work for the New York Times building, the Atlantic Terminal, the transformation of Madison Square Garden, the demolition of the NY Coliseum, as well as, several sites involving strict coordination with the MTA and various other City, State, and Federal agencies.

Rafael Batista, Brian Wilhelm, and Lauchland Josiah all serve as Site Superintendents for our projects and have a combined experience of over 30 years working on some of the most high-profile demolition projects within the City and surrounding boroughs, including several projects at JFK International Airport, Columbus Circle, the Willow Hotel, the Sony Building, and countless projects involving meticulous demolition work within active Hospital settings.

Our office staff, estimators, and purchasing managers have allowed our organization to become a leader in the demolition industry and our current and future project roster continues to grow.

Please contact our office for any additional information or to schedule a site walkthrough for any demolition needs that may be required.

LJC Dismantling Corp.
About LJC Dismantling
LJC Dismantling Corp. has specialized in providing our clients with the highest quality demolition and dismantling services since 1999. We are a locally-based union contractor and focus our attention on demolition within the five boroughs of New York. Founded by Michael Ragno and Ben Versaci, LJC Dismantling Corp. has tackled projects both large and small in our continuing contribution to changing the ever-evolving New York skyline.
LJC Dismantling Corp.
Safety, Security, Special Care
Over the years, we have made a conscious effort to pay particular attention to those projects which require special care. LJC has successfully completed a large array of both private and public works; no project is considered out of our comfort zone. Many of our projects have required our organization to perform in highly sensitive, secure, and occupied areas.
LJC Dismantling Corp.
We Are There When You Need Us
Our crews are available 24 hours every day, seven days a week, and have the extensive demolition and dismantling experience to handle any situation. We value the opportunity to submit our proposal for work to be completed anywhere within the Greater New York area.
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